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WEBSITE Cookie Policy


Pursuant to art. 13-14 of “EU Reg. No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the 27 April 2016 Council relating to protection of individuals with regard to personal data processing, as well as to free movement of such data”

This present information is given pursuant to art. 13-14 of UE Reg. no. 2016/679, in order to inform the Users as regards the processing of their personal data they provided directly or indirectly by using www.data3.it website. This website has global contents referring to activities performed by DATA3 S.r.L. Informatica e Organizzazione.

In compliance with this legislation, processing will be based on the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, protection of Users’ privacy and rights.

This informative document explains what cookies are and how they are processed, since www.data3.it website uses cookies for various purposes.

We invite users to consider that www.data3.it website sometimes contains links to other websites that are not covered by this privacy statement. Our website Users may be directed to third party websites to obtain more information, such as events, content promotion, and supplier services. DATA3 does not guarantee how User’s data are stored or used by third party servers. We recommend the User to read carefully the privacy policy of any third party’s websites reached through www.data3.it , in order to understand their use of personal data.


1. Data controller and “Privacy Organization Chart”

Data Controller is DATA3 S.r.L. Informatica e Organizzazione (herinafter, DATA3), represented by CEO Domenico Pezzolla.

Data Controller’s Deputy (Internal Data Processor) is Natascia Riccio.

System Administrator is Simone Mascheroni.

2. Cookie Origin and Types – What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the website visited by the User sends directly to its terminal (usually a browser), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same website on the next visit by the same User (so-called own first-party cookies).

While browsing a website, on their devices Users can receive cookies also from different websites or web servers (so-called third-party cookies). This happens because on the visited website there may be elements (for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other web domains) that reside on servers other than the server on which the requested page is located. In other words, these cookies are set by a website other than the one the User is currently visiting. Since the Data Controller cannot technically control cookies installation and other tracking systems operated by third parties through the services used within www.data3.it, any specific references to cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties must be considered indicative. For a complete information, please examine the specific privacy policy of any third party services.

The Privacy Authority’s general provision (OJ No. 126 – 3 June 2014) defined two types of cookies:

  • Technical Cookies – Necessary to allow the User to browse the website and take advantage of its features (g. to send a communication or use a website service) or to carry out statistical research on the use of the website.
  • Profiling Cookies – Used to record a User’s behaviour and preferences expressed, in order to send the User advertising messages in line with the User’s interests. DATA3 does not use this type of cookies as a “first party”.

“Third-party” cookies include tracking cookies (or Analytics) and SPAM protection cookies:

  • Google Analytics uses its proprietary cookies according to the privacy policy available on website http://www.google.com/intl/it/policies/privacy/ for the purposes described in paragraph 3 below. In doing this, Google can use
  • User’s IP address, without associating it to any other data held by Google or trying to connect it with a User’s identity
  • User’s anonymised IP address, shortening the User’s IP address within the European Union member states borders or in other countries adhering to the European Economic Area agreement. Only in exceptional cases, the IP address will be sent to Google’s servers and abbreviated within the United States.

Google reCAPTCHA, a service Google provides for SPAM protection, which uses the result of the arithmetic operation proposed on our “Contacts” page (next to the “Send” button): this operation is mandatory in order to send the filled online contact form.

3. Purpose of Cookies Processing – What are Cookies for?

  • Technical Cookies – They are used on the website for the sole purpose of making browsing possible and allowing the User to use the website features. These are first-party cookies, as they are conveyed directly by DATA3 on the website data3.it, for the purposes described here:
    • Browsing Cookies – They are essential to offer an optimal browsing experience or to allow the User to login on the website (functionality currently not present on data3.it, but used by some websites to make purchases or enter a reserved area).
    • Functionality Cookie – They are useful to store some User’s preferences (for example, language or country) without having to reset them during subsequent visits.
  • Tracking Cookies:
    • Google Analytics uses its proprietary cookies to obtain statistical information, in aggregated or non-aggregated form, on the number of users accessing the website and how the website is used. Google Analytics is a free Google web analysis tool that allows to collect information related to the browsed pages, time spent on the website, the way the site was reached. These data allow reporting website trends without identifying individual Users. Google uses cookies to collect and analyse anonymous information on websites behavioural use. Google can also communicate this information to third parties whenever law requires this or such third parties process the aforementioned information on Google’s behalf. For any further information, please refer to https://www.google.it/policies/privacy/partners/.

Google reCAPTCHA – It is a service Google provides for SPAM protection purpose in order to filter out parts of traffic, messages and content recognized as SPAM.

4. Cookies Processing Methods

Cookies are processed using digital tools with logics related to the purposes for which they were collected and for the time strictly necessary to achieve those purposes. In some cases, also automated systems/processes are used to optimize the services provided.

5. Legal Basis for Cookies Processing

  • Technical Cookies – For the installation of these cookies, the User’s prior consent is not required.
  • Google Analytics – For these cookies, the User must express consent, simply by continuing to browse the website by clicking outside the banner that www.data3.it presents on first access. By continuing to browse, the User accepts the use of cookies, otherwise the User can leave the website.
  • Google reCAPTCHA – Input of the operation result on the “Contacts” page next to the “Send” button is optional, however failure to enter it affects the possibility of sending the online filled form to DATA3.

6. Cookies Retention Period

Cookies will be kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. In particular:

  • Session Cookies – They have a duration limited to a single browsing session and are automatically deactivated when the User closes the browser.
  • Persistent Cookies – They have a predefined deadline and remain stored and active on the User’s hard disk until the expiration date, continuing to collect information during different browsing sessions.

    7. Cookies Communication

    Cookies acquired through www.data3.it website may be communicated to third parties, which:

    • operate as external Data Processors, i.e. parties contractually authorized to operate in the name and on behalf of the Data Controller, engaged in the correct and regular pursuit of the described purposes (e.g. companies providing processing services or performing activities instrumental to our company, including website hosting)
    • operate as independent Data Controllers (e.g. Google for Analytics and reCAPTCHA services)

    Data communication outside the European Union territory is limited to Google Analytics and reCAPTCHA services, for which there are adequate guarantees related to data transfer outside the EU.

    8. Cookies Dissemination

    Any form of data dissemination (i.e. publication on websites) of data related to processed cookies is excluded.

    9. Data Subjects’ Rights

    The Data Controller recognizes and guarantees the rights referred to in GDPR Regulation art. 15 and followings, i.e. rights of information and access, rectification, updating, integration, cancellation, opposition, limitation and portability. In order to exercise the rights above, including refusal of a service and consent withdrawal, and for any information requests, please send an e-mail to data3@winpec.it.


    In particular, as regards the opposition and limitation rights:

    • Technical Cookies Tecnici – Most internet browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. It is possible to disable their use or to control which of them can be used or not. The most effective way to do this is for the Users to disable cookies in their own browser. It is suggested to examine the “Help” section in the User’s own browser, https://www.aboutcookies.org/ website or the following links describing how to manage cookies on the most common web browsers:

    Chrome:                     https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=en

    Internet Explorer:    https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

    Firefox:                       https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences

    Safari:                         https://support.apple.com/guide/safari/manage-cookies-and-website-data-sfri11471/mac

    Opera:                        https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#cookies

    However, cancelling or specifically disabling the reception of these technical cookies or deleting all cookies from the browser may compromise the functionality of some website services, limit contents of the website itself or remove preferences set up using the website.

    • Google Analytics – Users can selectively disable the Google Analytics action by installing on their browser the “opt-out” component provided by Google. In order to disable Google Analytics action, please refer to https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. It is also possible to avoid the use of Google Analytics on our website by downloading and installing the Browser Plugin available at https://tools.google.com/.

    Given the complexity of identifying cookies-based technologies and their close integration with web functioning, Users are invited to contact the Data Controller if they wish to receive further information on the use of cookies and their possible use by third parties through this website.

    10. Complaint To The Guarantor

    If you believe you have suffered a breach of your personal data, you can lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for personal data protection at the link http://www.garanteprivacy.it/web/guest/home/docweb/-/docweb-display/docweb/4535524.

    11. Changes To This Policy

    DATA3 reserves the right to modify this informative document as necessary, in line with the reference legislation. We invite Users to check this page periodically to be updated on changes.

    Last update: November 2019.